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About Us


At Blackmar, our approach to all our clients is centered around the belief that our service should have a positive influence on their lives. We understand that the focus should not be on ourselves, but rather on our clients and how we can enhance their return on investment (ROI) by delivering a service that matches or surpasses the quality they experience in their own homes. Travel can be uncertain due to external factors beyond our control. Our goal is to eliminate unpredictability from our clients' travel experiences by closely monitoring, supervising, and intervening at every stage of the journey. Basically, we are a private driving company, and want to give higher-ups the luxurious experience they deserve when traveling via vehicle, as this allows for induced productivity, and gives our clients the overall flexibility they deserve. Traveling with vehicle has always been a struggle regardless of financial status, and Blackmar would like to make a difference, eliminating/minimizing that issue.

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